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NetBeans Introduction

The NetBeans PHP editor offers code templates and code generation (Getters and Setters), refactoring (Instant Rename), parameter tooltips, hints and quick fixes (Implement All Abstract Methods), and smart code completion (including bracket completion). Benefit from syntactic and semantic code highlighting, pop-up documentation, code formating and folding, marking of occurrences and exit points, clever try/catch code completion, smart method parameter pre-filling, and rectangular selection.

In NetBeans IDE 7.2, the PHP code editor features new Unused Use Statement and Immutable Variable hints, annotation support, improved code folding, and improved code coloring.

For more information about improvements to the PHP Editor, see the NetBeans for PHP blog.

NetBeans Features

S-CNetBeans Support Syntax Checking,automatically detect php syntax whether it contains errors.
DebuggingNetBeans includes Debugging engine
HighlightingNetBeans has syntax highlightingin function,that is different colors and fonts according to the category of terms.
CVSNetBeans support Concurrent Version System (CVS) and Subversion.
DB SupportNetBeans support Database navigation.
plug-inNetBeans Support Plug-in
Multi languageNetBeans can be realized in different countries choose different language menu.

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